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Since Nika was on twitter yesterday talking about PF:RR tour I watched so many videos of her tour and then I found this!!

She talks about flying to Canada so she can recorded a couple songs with Drake at the 4:28 mark!

**Yes I know this is MixtapeNika and it’s old but I thought I would share**

I knew nicki would end up back to her natural self


son if i got famous id act a fool and wear bright wigs too

but best believe she had that hair stewin

and that booty juicin

and now all them all black dresses is giving me all wet panties like yes bitch

i love nicki always have always will and now yall fuck with her cuz shes conforming to your ideals of beauty YEAH YOU POCS YALL DIDNT ACCEPT HER STYLE CUZ IT WASNT THE NORM NOW SHE NORMAL YALL WANT HER BUT SHE FUCKING MINE!

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Bad Gyal Edition